12 March 2015

Horses are blue, shrimps are pink

Sometimes a random conversation leads into something very specific. Today I was talking to someone who has an apartment in Spain that she occupies 4 – 6 weeks a year, she says she would love to speak Spanish but her memory is rubbish. I suggested Anki, and make it a game; every word you capture [...]

29 August 2012

Verbling: my latest recommendation

I have been talking to native Spanish speakers, online for over a week. In return for their forebearance I have been returning the compliment, in fluent English, in five minute doses. Let me introduce you to Verbling. First of all it’s free. You need a PC and ideally, a headset. A webcam would be good [...]

18 March 2012

Words are like delicate plants, they need to be nurtured

Here is a new website (new to me anyway) that I have been playing with for a couple of weeks. It is called Memrise and it makes vocabulary memorising into a game. You are presented with a garden for each language and invited to plant 5 seedlings (words) that you then have to [...]

7 December 2010

December update

Resumé: its now 2 years and a week since I started learning Spanish and it isn’t getting easier or harder. It feels like swimming in the sea, if you try to go too fast it’s dangerous because you get tired and out of breath, plodding along is safest, and I can’t risk stopping because [...]

20 September 2009

Spanish Language Resources

The following are language course resources which you might find useful:

Adult Education Open University Michel Thomas Pimsleur Linguaphone Hugo Spanish Websites Television Influential Books