4 October 2011

Turn your novel into a multi media experience

I just finished reading a book called Dark Tangos, by Lewis Shiner. I enjoyed the story, without spoiling it is set in Buenos Aires and is contemporary. The thing I did that was different was to follow up on some of the references to music, places and themes that I met while reading the [...]

14 November 2009

Books for Learning Spanish

Here are the books for learning spanish that I use all the time:

Pocket Oxford Spanish Dictionary Collins Gem Spanish Dictionary Collins Easy Learning Spanish Dictionary 501 Spanish Verbs Spanish Verbs for Dummies Collins Easy Learning Spanish Grammar Hugo Spanish in Three Months [...]

17 August 2009

Collins Gem Spanish Dictionary

Collins Gem Spanish Dictionary

At the last count I had three small dictionaries spread about the house. Collins Gem is my favourite, it really is pocket size.

When we stay in Spanish hotels this is the book I plonk on the table at breakfast, to keep our place while checking out the [...]

17 August 2009

Spanish Verbs for Dummies

Another amazing discovery. Again I was so impressed I bought the French version as well. Every verb tense is covered and there are loads of self test questions, with answers. My advice is to write your answers to the questions on scrap paper and not in the book, that way [...]

17 August 2009

Pocket Oxford Spanish Dictionary

Forget about “pocket” size, it might fit in your pocket if you are a kangaroo but this is not a book that would fit in most pockets. I have the 3rd edition (2005) and I like it. It sits on my bookshelf and gets used a lot.

When I [...]

17 August 2009

501 Spanish Verbs

I think this is one of my favourite books. Teachers hate it, they don’t want you to have a book like this which lets you take short cuts.

They don’t want you to know at the beginning that Spanish has 14 verb conjugations and is really quite complicated. Once [...]

17 August 2009

Collins Easy Learning Spanish Grammar

Another Open University recommended book. If Stelios ever finds out that Collins are using the word “easy” along with the colour orange, there could be trouble!!

This is a nice little book but not very browseable. For some reason I prefer Hugo Spanish in three months. The Collins book [...]

17 August 2009

Collins Easy Learning Spanish Dictionary

Collins Easy Learning Spanish Dictionary – 2009 New Edition

This was recommended as a course book by the Open University so naturally I had to have a copy. It has a nice coloured section in the middle that feels very “OU”, you can almost feel your tutor wanting to pat you [...]

17 August 2009

Hugo Spanish in 3 Months

If only! ¡Ojalá! What they really mean is “here is a 12 week course in Spanish” it will get you started.

I am a big fan of Hugo 3 month courses, I once survived 2 weeks in Sicily with only lessons 1 to 5 of Hugo Italian in 3 months. For me the [...]

16 August 2009

Language Books

I am going to concentrate mainly on Spanish language books in this blog because that is where most of my attention is focused at the moment in the build up to the end of course Spanish assessment.

If anyone is interested I can put on a bit more about the French [...]